Meditation or mindfulness is used today as a complementary therapy that has as its ultimate goal the improvement of health and the feeling of wellbeing. In the last decade there are many people who have joined this activity, reducing stress levels and modifying their own emotions.

Modern meditation practices have their origin in certain Asian religions and spiritual traditions. Everybody can do it but you have to be aware that it is a very strong mental process that requires practice and dedication.

If you are determined to enter the world of meditation we encourage you, it is the perfect way to help raise self-awareness and restore the connection with our inner self. Through attention and concentration you’ll achieve a deep state of calm and wellbeing.

 We offer you some tips that will facilitate the introduction to meditation.


Although during meditation you will keep your eyes closed, it’s important that you find a place where you can feel comfortable. It doesn’t have to comply with specific characteristics or elements; you simply have to feel good, safe and relaxed in it. For this, it’s essential to avoid any noise. Switch off your mobile and try to eliminate any interruption during the session.


No need to adopt strange or uncomfortable postures, the important thing is to keep your back straight, and find a simple posture that allows you to correct any wrong gesture or position. Your hands should rest on your thighs and you should tilt your head slightly forward.

You should keep your eyes closed during meditation and your jaw relaxed, place your tongue on the back of your upper teeth and try not to fall asleep … it can happen in the beginning!


To begin meditating, start with 10-minute intervals. Although it seems simple, you must devote this time, with your eyes closed, entirely to your mind.

To avoid having to depend on your watch, use an alarm or timer. You could also calculate it through music or a track that matches this duration and notify you when the time’s up.


When you’re ready, close your eyes and you can start. How? Don’t get overwhelmed, step by step. Meditation is not an easy task but with dedication and discipline it can be achieved.

For this you need to be aware of each part of your body, feel how the force of gravity acts on you.

You have to be aware of the darkness and concentrate on it, many images and memories will come to your mind, you must prevent this from influencing you and try to think only and exclusively of the dark. To achieve this, breathing can help. Focus on it and feel how the air enters your interior, how your lungs fill and how you finally expel it through the nose.

Although there are many kinds of meditation, at Hale we have highlighted some of the points that we consider most important and that can help you in the initiation to this activity.

Do you feel like entering the fascinating world of meditation?