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    We are HALE. We are two sisters who grew up, played and now work together to build something that is our own and that we believe in. We are not yet another activewear brand, we are a passion project to empower women to feel their best, because life is complicated enough to dress uncomfortably.

    Barcelona is a city of balance: work and play, historic and modern, global and local, land and sea... With this spirit we have carefully designed a new brand of quality activewear for all of us.

    We believe people are real, we work, we sweat, we make mistakes and we keep on going. Our products are inspired by real life.


    This is your only life. Don’t just exist, live it.
    If you’re not passionate about it, find something else.
    Do it your own way, you know better than anyone.
    Stay wild, sing out loud, make a mess, don’t be afraid to be yourself.
    Don’t mind what they say, there is no such thing in life as normal.
    Embrace the difference, trends are not rules.
    Fall in love often and hard, starting with yourself.
    Breathe in slowly, exhale the bullshit.
    Question everything, even this.
    Never feel uncomfortable, especially in activewear (we’ve got you covered).
    Everything starts by daring to begin.

    When was the last time you tried something new?