Yoga helps you develop strength and balance as well as flexibility. But how can we choose which style is the best for us? We have prepared for you a basic guide so you can decide which style you need depending on your needs:

YOU ARE REALLY STRESSED: any type of yoga can help you relax, disconnect from stress and connect body and mind. But if your main goal in practicing yoga is relaxation, Kundalini yoga is your style. During the class mantras are recited, singing and relaxing music is played.

YOU ARE A BEGINNER: Hatha yoga is one of the most common styles practiced. If you are starting as a yogi you can start with Hatha to learn the basic postures and main breathing techniques.

NEED SOMETHING ACTIVE: You can enjoy Ashtanga Yoga. It requires dedication and more work, since the same series of figures are repeated one after the other. It significantly strengthens muscles and is the yoga athletes practice.

YOU WANT TO BURN CALORIES: Hot Yoga or Vinyasa are the most suitable for burning calories. They are very dynamic and intense yogas that suppose hard aerobic work.

We have just presented a small sample of the differences between the most common types of yoga, but there are many more styles. We recommend that you consult with your gym or yoga center about the style thet most suits you.