How can apps help you exercise? There are many ways: from encouraging and coaching you to showing you which exercises suit you best. Apps have been evolving and can now be very useful helping you stay in shape. These are the 6 we use here at HALE. Find the one that fits you best and… GO!

1. Zombies, Run!

Lets start with some humor: an app that motivates you to run by avoiding getting caught by zombies! You have to complete missions by running to help your city from a zombie attack! Information and music is given to us through our headphones, and we’ll have no choice but to run if we don’t want any deadly bites!

2. SWEAT – Kayla Itsines

Many think the australian fitness queen has revolutionized personal training with her app and programme. It offers daily high intensity series with a duration of less than 30 minutes. The app also offers a food guide validated by Australian dietitians. The ones who have tried it know it really works! You need to be constant and try not to give up, just like everything, but it is worth trying. Try the one month free trial to see if this workout fits!

3. 7 minutes workout

Ready for HIIT? An app with 12 exercises that can be done in seven minutes, but the result are equivalent to a 1 hour workout.

4. Yogaia

This app made in Finland connects you to a yoga teacher who will give you class through a video call. You can connect your camera so the teacher can give you corrections if needed. so that it corrects you if necessary.

5. Daily Burn

Forget the gym: receive live classes, nutritional advice, find books in their library… it is suitable for all fitness levels and allows private chats with your trainers. It works very well with a SmartTV but can be used on all devices.

6. Pysique57

A platform suitable for computers, tablets and phones, where you can do train based on ballet movements to shape and sculpt your body. You can watch recorded sessions or sign up for live ones (you can do sessions in gyms and on the streets of New York, Beverly Hills, The Hamptons, Dubai and Bangkok).